How I Got Started

“Hey Eric, next time when you are down in Cardston. We need to chat.” That’s it. One sentence. I thought I was going to lose that client by the tone of the email.

I received the email from a client of mine. I was working full time in Calgary for an oil company back then. Like many people, I was earning income on the side by picking up projects here and there. It served me well as I made some decent income on the side throughout university and it carried on into my first job… and my last job.

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed working for myself until I had to work for someone else. The job was fine. The people were great. However, I just did’t feel like that my talents were best utilized or appreciated in that environment. I felt like I was stuck.

I arrived in Cardston few days later, dreaded to go meet up with my client, or as I thought, soon to be my ex-client. I showed up at his factory, he popped his head out and said: Eric, we should go on a ride. I thought to myself, geesh, how long is he going to drag this news out?

As we headed out on a beautiful Southern Alberta highway, Steve finally said: Eric, would you like to run our US operation by selling our products online? Boom. Just like that, a bomb went off. Except, this was the good kind of “boom”.

Little did I know, that warm, breezy ride would began as my “side job” of selling online.

Fast track to early May 2016, a friend of mine asked me about what I have “accomplished” by selling online. It was the first time anyone has ever asked me that. His question ignited my interests, and for the first time in my life, I actually sat myself down and tallied up the #s.

Here’s what I didn’t even realize what I’ve done. When you are so busy focusing on the projects themselves, sometimes you forget to stop and smell the roses and recognize what you’ve done. ? Time flies.

– 10+ Years in Marketing & E-Commerce Consulting

– 180,000+ Products Shipped

– $4+ Million in E-Commerce Sales

Not to get carried away, but I actually said it out loud: Man, this is cool!

Soon after, I created a Facebook group to share strategies and ideas to help people better market online. With the encouragement from the members of the group, I decided to put together a series of comprehensive courses on online marketing so I can better explain each strategy and teach the concepts in depth.

Our courses are designed to be hands on. We will only teach you strategies that we know it works. We know it works because many of the strategies we taught in the course are used by myself and for my marketing clients at Airau Marketing.

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